St. Aloysius School

St. Aloysius School is a Roman Catholic School in the Diocese of Youngstown. The staff of St. Aloysius School focuses on academic excellence and spiritual development while striving to meet the unique physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and academic needs of each student so each can develop into a well-rounded, Christ-centered individual.


Some facts about St. Aloysius School:

  1. 1.Students do not need to be Catholic to attend St. Aloysius School. All faith denominations are welcome.

  2. 2. Scholarships and financial assistance are available to all students who qualify!

  3. 3. 99.1% of Catholic school students graduate from high school.

  4. 4. 84.7% of Catholic school graduates go on to attend a four-year college.

  5. 5. Smaller class sizes mean more individual attention for your child!

  6. 6. The school has strict safety policies and procedures to keep our students safe!


St. Aloysius School offers a quality Catholic education in a safe environment!